Day 79/86 - Turn To Me

Turn To Me is the third track off Sara Bareilles’ first demo, The First One. This song is so beautiful and is one of my new favorites. It is not available on the internet, but you can download the entire demo to your computer on the Sara B Fans website. It’s definitely very characteristic of The First One, with that very young style to her music and the acoustic, non professional recording. I like that style though, because it reminds me of all of the work that Sara has put into building the career that she has now.

From time to time I turn to you. But I won’t let it show like you want me to. My head held so high, I can hardly see. Wouldn’t notice if you were turned to me.” Turn to Me is a song about pride and the pain of an ending relationship. Every once in a while, Sara still notices herself relying on this person to guide her, but she doesn’t want them to know how much she needs them. She is too proud and too scared to admit that she needs someone so badly. Since she is holding her head so high in pride, she can hardly see what is happening around her. She wouldn’t even be able to tell if maybe he needed her too. She was too blinded by her desire to keep her need secret to notice that he needed her too.

Still reeling from the aftermath ff the savory storm of you and me. It’s a simple world, I know the way it works. I know I’m not the first.


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Day 78/86 - Tread Water

Tread Water is a beautiful yet, I believe, unreleased piano ballad written and performed by Sara.  Full of imagery of water and the rain, Tread Water is one of those little known gems that deserves far more appreciation than it gets. The recording sounds vaguely live or else very acoustic, and the vibrations and echo of Sara’s voice creates a haunting yet beautiful atmosphere.

"And I’m getting weary waiting for the harbor lights to change. I’ve forgotten what I do it for but I tread water just the same. I tread water.” Tread Water is about the times in your life when you are just floating along without giving much thought to the life you are living. But when you step back and look at your life, you realize that you are drowning but you forget to save yourself. You just keep holding on without making a change because you hardly even notice. It’s a mechanical existence, and Sara is tired of awaiting excitement and passion, waiting for those harbor lights to change and shine happiness onto her life.

I’ll never let this pair of hands forget to pull their weight. This burden may be more than I would like to bear, but it’s less than I can take.” At the end of the song, Sara resolves to never rest or stop working hard for what she believes in. She will never let herself mindlessly tread water again. Maybe it’s a burden that is tough to bear, but she can’t stand not doing anything. She is willing to work hard to keep herself alive and motivated in pursuing a meaningful life.

Long since gave up on long walks to make up for long talks. Lately the silence won’t stop talking at me.


SARA : The name is derived from Hebrew as meaning ‘Princess’ and Sara should always be treated as such

December- Sara Bareilles
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Day 77/86 - Too Good For You (So Sorry)

Too Good For You (So Sorry) is, I believe, a track off one of Sara’s early demo CD’s, Summer Sessions. Despite the fact that it was not professionally recorded, this recording is incredibly high quality and the track itself demonstrates so much musical maturity for being written so early in her career. I hadn’t heard this track before, but it is now one of my new favorite songs because of the message, harmonies, and chorus.

"You’re sorry that you hurt me so bad. Sorry if I thought you were madly in love. You only just pretend to start something that you can end. Sorry you’re addicted to cruel. Sorry has nothing to do with you. Go on play your games cause I’m sorry I’m too good for you anyway.” Too Good For You is the ultimate slap in the face song. She’s being so sassy by asserting that the only person that lost anything here was him. He is sorry that he handled himself so badly, by starting something that was inevitably going to end, because Sara was too good for him anyway.

I didn’t know I paid for merely a masquerade. So I want my money back.