"We all face different challenges and obstacles and it’s up to us to decide how to approach them.  I’d like to think I was someone that has the capacity to be brave, but honestly, it’s something I work really hard at." - Sara Bareilles
I say what I think because it’s more economical than drugs or a drink the perfect Sara Barelles in Sweet as Whole (via notinmyjurisdiction)

“Brave is a song i wrote with my friend Jack Antonoff of the band fun. Jack was sharing with me at that time he just was in the beginning stages of founding an organization, and it’s about straight voices speaking up for gay rights. Just basic equality issues - especially within gay marriage and getting those laws changed. At the same time I was watching a very close friend go through some really personal struggles of basically coming out as an adult. I would love to send a message of that - in a perfect world we can make it safe for each other to simply be honest, at the end of the day. The response to the song has been unbelievable, people are feeling so willing to share their vulnerabilities because of this song. I have never felt more inspired by my fans and getting to connect with people” - Sara Bareilles
It's all Sara Bareilles. This is me sending out my satellite call ~ Lucy, 16